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Unique! Shama Sikander reveals ‘bharat humko jaan se pyara hai’ is her present favourite Independence Day tune – Instances of India- Newslength

As we mark the event of Independence Day with zeal, lots of our television personalities have shared their ideas on this historic day.

Shama described how, as a baby, she loved this vacation and the way patriotic songs had been performed all day at Independence Day celebrations in her neighborhood. They used to play songs on these massive loudspeakers and I’d take heed to them the entire day. Particularly, my favourites had been ‘Suno Gaur Se Duniyawaalon’ and ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon’. I’d so want they performed these songs time and again,’ mentioned Shama. This independence day my present favourite tune is Bharat humko jaan se pyara hai♥️”, she mentioned.

Shama talks concerning the significance of Independence day, she states, “This day is extremely important as it stands for unity in India. For which a lot of freedom fighters have given their lives so we can have a free country. I would urge everyone to participate in this and be a part of a flag hoisting ceremony. Indians of today’s generation need to know about our past, our history. We are a very young country and we have to empower each other, specially the women in India.”

Moreover, the actress added, “There are future initiatives that have happened and we need to keep encouraging them to become the biggest superpower in the world and it should start right away. I urge my fellow Indians to show some love for the country and not think of today as just a holiday but actually celebrate togetherness celebrate our differences of religion, culture and much more. On this day and so on we must remember to stick together as a nation because if we stick together nobody can take us for granted.”

Shama states that she additionally likes to see how our nation has grown till now. She says, “We can grow as a nation by making ourselves better as a human and be of a better service to our country only then can our nation become better as it’s the people who make the country.”

Shama Sikander had lately received married to her boyfriend James Milliron and had additionally shared footage from her honeymoon in Thailand. Shama and James received married to one another in Goa on March 14. The couple had an intimate Christian wedding ceremony.



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