Scalenut Review: One of The Best New AI-Powered Writers?

In the age of technology and automation, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various industries, including content creation. One noteworthy AI-powered writing tool that has gained significant attention is Scalenut. With its advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, Scalenut claims to be one of the best new AI-powered writers on the market. In this review, we will explore the features, benefits, and limitations of Scalenut, and determine whether it lives up to its claims of being a game-changer in the world of content creation.

This Scalenut review will introduce one of the market’s latest and best new AI writers. You can write short and long-form content using this tool. But Scalenut is more than an AI writing assistant; it also has a strong SEO component. We will tell you all about it.

Google is a search engine that relies on semantic associations. This means it has to associate a website with a particular topic to consider it a relevant and trustworthy resource and give it visibility for keywords that are part of this topic. In other words, a website should strive to become an authority on its subject. This is where Scalenut can help.

New and existing applications try to help the user by offering seamless content creation processes. Scalenut, one of the young players, took a step forward by adding the “Topics Cluster” module to its existing AI copywriter and the SEO Hub.

Want to know more? In this Scalenut review, we cover (among other things):

  • What Scalenut is
  • Scalenut Features
  • Scalenut Plans and Pricing
  • Pros and Cons
  • Scalenut Alternatives

By the end of this review, I am sure you will have enough information to decide if Scalenut is the right tool for you!

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Scalenut Review: Quick Overview

Scalenut is a one-stop SaaS solution for new and experienced content writers or bloggers; it will create engaging content today using next-generation technologies.

No more writers’ block! Write like a professional. You only need to type a keyword or phrase that you want your content to target, and Scalenut will start mining data from articles, blog posts, videos, and more on the topic. From the existing articles on the subject, it’ll extract the relevant information “That Google Loves.” You just have to compile an outline, and the Ai-copy writer will do the rest.

But other AI assistants offer similar features, so you may ask how Scalenut differs.

Scalenut first page

Scalenut is not just an excellent AI copywriting platform. It is a powerhouse of intelligence. Its latest features, such as multi keywords content planning and the SEO Hub, will help you get the right message out there quickly and easily.

Scalenut Features

Scalenut’s content creation capabilities split into two major applications: the AI Copywriter dedicated to short-form writing with the help of templates and the SEO Hub for in-depth writing such as blogs or articles. Let’s first look at the copywriter tool.

The AI Copywriter Tool

Scalenut’s templates are easy and intuitive to use.

AI-powered templates

In the Copywriter, you will find templates sorted into the following categories.

  • Product Descriptions
  • Q&A Content
  • Article Copywriting
  • Social Media Posts
  • Copywriting (Frameworks)
  • Website Copy
  • Video Content
  • Email Copywriting
  • Advertisement Copies

Most templates are similar to those found in other programs such as Jasper and Shortly AI. But we found some new, handy templates like:

  • First Person to Third Person Converter
  • Active to Passive Converter
  • Passive to Active Converter
Passive to Active converter template

You can find these in the section “Article Copywriting.” These templates are unique to Scalenut.

Choose a template, and you will be asked to input some information and press the Generate button in the bottom right corner. Scalenut will generate several outputs, and you can select the one which, in your opinion, is the most relevant, copy it, and paste it to the Editor. If you are unhappy with the generated content, you can ask Scalenut to create more.

Using the Product Descriptions template

Check Facts

Like in any AI-generated content, it is your task to check and validate the facts in generated content. You may find some points, names, or dates are wrong, and it is up to you to find the correct information.

Let’s not forget that GPT-3 was trained up to 2019, and it is not aware that the world carried on turning after 2019 (but GPT-4 has some promising features).

You should not just delete this wrong information from the content. It should be treated as a “hint” from the AI for us to do research and find the correct information. This may lead us to valuable facts which, for example, can be used in citations.

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The SEO Hub

The SEO Hub contains all your long-form content documents. In the SEO Hub, you can start creating a new document by entering the keyword(s) that you would like to rank for.

The SEO Hub

The SEO Assistant does all the heavy lifting in creating an SEO-friendly document. After a few minutes, the Content Brief will be ready; the Content Brief will include all the data scraped by the AI Powered content research engine.

Content Brief

The Content Brief will include all the scrapped data on one screen. With the help of different tabs, one can display various data, such as the outlines of the top 30 sites, the word count of each article, headings, and so on.

Competition Overview screen

Having all that info on one screen can be overwhelming in the beginning. It is beyond the scope of this Scalenut review to dive into each tab, but in summary, we can confidently say one can conclude “What Google loves” from the above data.

Note: I understand that key terms are harvested across the 30 top URLs. In my opinion, it would be better to use only the top ten URLs as it is done in other similar applications. Those are the most important and represent the content we should aim to emulate.

The Content Brief displays the outlines of all 30 top URLs and allows us to select headings, questions, and citations and build the outline of our document.

This is a great time-saving feature. Having the outline, we can advance on to “Create Content.”

Content Creation

The Content Editor

There are two ways to create content:

  1. Copying the document outline into the editor and using the AI writing tool to write for you is the first option. At any stage, one can use templates, any data scrapped, and monitor the usage of key terms. (The image above shows the editor containing an outline.)
  2. Go into Cruise Mode. This will import the outline automatically and, at your command, create writing points. After compiling the writing points, one can ask the AI writing tool to write the first draft. Just watch out for duplication and remember to validate facts.
Cruise mode

The previously created outline gets pulled into the editor automatically, as you can see below.

Cruise mode outline

Writing points are generated for each of the headings.

Cruise mode writing points

Content is generated for each writing point.

First draft of generated content in Cruise mode

As Scalenut tells us, the AI content writing tools can create an entire document in five minutes!

Topical Clusters

The latest addition to Scalenut features is the generation of multi-keywords “Topical Clusters.”

Topical cluster keyword entry screen

What is a Topical Cluster?

The most effective way to approach the task of creating enough content for a blog or website is through what SEO specialists call the “Topics Cluster” model. This method allows you to choose a central hub that acts as your main content pillar. From there, you can write articles on each of your site’s topics – using related keywords in each piece of writing to help improve search engine ranking and visitors.

Topic clusters will help encourage your users to seek information about your specialization or area of expertise and ensure they remain loyal to you.

Even though they may not be aware of it, they may come back again and again because they’ll see themselves as regulars! And since these people are already familiar with your work, revising and honing existing work will make it a point that increases user loyalty.

Topical clusters

For example, we have above a topical cluster supporting the keyword “SEO.”

The Chrome Extension

The Scalenut Chrome Extension is a powerful tool to help you save time and effort when writing content. This niche tool provides an assistant that will allow you to write content in your browser that reads better than anything you could have ever produced on your own!

Scalenut Chrome extension

The Chrome extension triggers the copywriter and makes it easy to post content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It generates social media posts, advertising copy, blog posts, and more! With a simple push of a button, your content creation woes are over.

Scalenut Support

If you need support, you can find it here:

  • Articles online
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Online chat (which is not 24/7)
  • The Scalenut Facebook community. The problem is that if you have some urgent issue, you will have to wait for administrators to approve your message before it goes public.

In short, the level of support can use some improvement.

Finding answers to urgent questions is difficult outside of regular office hours. And complicated questions are not always answered satisfactorily.

Scalenut Plans and Pricing

Scalenut is one of the primary software providers for small businesses. They offer various plans and features to benefit your business in many ways. Scalenut provides its clients with valuable features to make their projects more successful.

Scalenut pricing

You can try out these plans and choose the one that best fits your business needs by signing up for a free trial where you will be using all of Scalenut’s tools!

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You can upgrade your plan whenever you feel like it, and as your company grows, so will Scalenut’s features.

Their plans are as follows: you can start with a free trial and upgrade to:

  • Individual plan for $29/mo
  • Growth for $79/mo
  • Pro for $149/mo

The seven-day free trial gives you access to all the Pro plan features, including Cruise Mode and Topic Clusters.

You also get 5000 AI words and two SEO Reports daily during the trial period.

This is more than enough for you to get a good feel for the tool.

Pros and Cons


  • Well-designed user interface leading to a great user experience
  • “What Google Loves” is clearly presented
  • Very attractive price
  • The cluster builder is a nice addition
  • Many options for generating short-form content and even long-form content
  • Scalenut can create content that outperforms your competitors


  • Scalenut AI does not provide you with customizable templates
  • The AI-generated content can be repetitive (as with other similar tools)
  • The top 30 competitors are considered in calculating Key Terms
  • Not enough tutorials

Scalenut Review: Alternatives

Now let’s look at a few alternatives existing on the market. Some are other AI writers, or content research tools, while others are SEO optimization tools.

But it will be hard to find a good alternative considering Scalenut’s affordable price.

Surfer SEO

Pricing starts from $59 a month ($49/month if you pay annually).

Surfer SEO landing page

Using machine learning, Surfer SEO aims to revolutionize how websites are optimized for search engines. They have been very successful and have become an industry standard for the average blogger.

Surfer SEO is an AI-driven, all-in-one platform that will help optimize new and existing pages with just a few clicks. It helps to make life as an SEO expert much more manageable with suggested word count, terms to include to rank, and more – not to mention helping everyone get their projects ready within record time!

Check out SurferSEO


Pricing: you can get the Starter plan for $49/mo and Boss Mode for $99/mo.

Jasper landing page

Jasper AI is a writing tool featuring state-of-the-art GPT-3 technology, which means it can write complete, entirely reasonable sentences in just a few seconds using any number of starter words.

It can be used to create all types of content – from product descriptions to articles, news releases, and blog posts. Its command feature (Boss Mode) makes it unique, allowing users to instruct the tool to write content without following a specific template. In addition, Jasper AI is constantly learning from new data and correcting mistakes as it composes more and more content, making it an efficient tool for general use over time.

Check out Jasper


Pricing starts from US$99/month. It also has a pretty good free plan to get you going.

MarketMuse landing page

MarketMuse is an optimization platform with an SEO assistant and content writing tools that helps content creators and marketing teams optimize their content marketing strategy.

The software helps users research, plan, and create optimized content to increase organic search ranking and reach more readers. It does this through artificial intelligence (AI), trend data, SEO tactics, and predictions.

Check out MarketMuse


Pricing: You can get the Basic plan for $44.99/mo and the Team plan for $114.99/mo.

Frase landing page

Frase is full of SEO and content writing tools. It has an AI writer feature that helps you build better premium content, an intelligent editor, and a brief builder.

Frase will optimize your content to be ranked top by search engines.

Check out Frase


Pricing plans: Solo for $129/mo, Pro for $229/mo, Company for $429/mo, and Enterprise for $999/mo.

Outranking landing page

Outranking is the best news for anyone trying to juggle between creating content and keeping up with peak rankings for the same.

The tool is easy to use, and if you are new to using this kind of software, Outranking is an excellent platform from which you can learn its ins and outs, and don’t miss our Outranking review. The Search Engine Optimization feature is highly effective as it makes things simpler and smoother without much effort on your part.

This content creation software from Outranking can quickly help create long and short-form content.

Check out Outranking


Pricing starts from US$119,95/month.

SEMRush landing page

SEMRush is a major software-as-a-service platform for online visibility management. It includes over 55 products, tools, and add-ons across online visibility management. Plus, tools for search like keyword research, content writing tools, social media, and market research. You also get data for more than 142 countries, seamless integration with Google, and task management platforms.

SEMRush features like the “SEO Content Template” help content writers with recommendations regarding a keyword, content length, semantic keywords, potential backlinks, and more.

The “SEO Writing Assistant” analyses how well the written text complies with Semrush SEO recommendations.

Check out Semrush

Shortly AI

You can choose the Monthly Plan for $79/mo or the Annual Plan for $65 a month billed annually.

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ShortlyAI landing page

ShortlyAI is a content writing tool that lets users create long-form content with just a few clicks.

The interface used to create this machine learning program was shaped in collaboration with several experts with many years of experience in the field. They have used their knowledge to build up an advanced system that may work well as a replacement for your current writing process.

Shortly AI successfully creates long or short form content within seconds. You have control over the output length and a more extensive set of commands than Scalenut to use during the editing process, for example, summarize, rewrite and expend. ShortlyAI was bought by Jasper. One of the main reasons was to include some of ShortyAI’s powerful commands in Jasper.

Check out ShortlyAI


Pricing starts from $9/mo for the Saver plan, and you can get the Unlimited plan for $29/mo.

Rytr landing page

Rytr is big on ad copy: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, any social posts, and advertising!
Rytr saves a lot of writing time. One can use it for anything from outlining and writing complete articles or a blog post to story plots and YouTube descriptions; the use cases are only improving.

Rytr gets constant updates from developers and has quite an impressive active community.

They have 1,500,000+ copywriters, marketers & entrepreneurs using it. And it’s pretty affordable – a perfect alternative if you are on a budget.

Check out Rytr

Scalenut Review: In Conclusion

Scalenut brings together next-generation technologies like AI writers, NLP, Topical keyword clustering, and seamless content creation processes to help you write quality content, like an SEO friendly blog post FAST. You will rank at the top in Google searches while establishing your site as an authority in its field.

Being an authority, Google looks at the frequency at which you publish articles. Scalenut offers you “Managed Marketplace,” a content creation service to keep up. At an affordable price, Scalenut experts will write any content for you, from short to long-form.

Having covered the extensive features of the AI writing and SEO tool Scalenut, let’s have a last look at the best Scalenut alternatives.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a market leader. Its main strengths lie in helping you to optimize new and existing content for the best Google rankings. With Surfer, you can also generate clusters for your main niche keyword and easily develop these into posts.

Read our Surfer SEO review for an in-depth look at the tool.


Jasper is tops when it comes to AI-powered content generation. You can write anything you wish with its interactive editor. Instruct Jasper to generate all forms of content and use its powerful command feature to write without following a specific template (see Jasper AI vs Copy AI).

Here is a Jarvis AI review you can read to find out if it is the best AI copywriting tool.


MarketMuse is an optimization platform with an SEO assistant and a content writing tool. It uses AI, trend data, SEO tactics, and predictions to help you create content that ranks high on Google.

Find out how to use AI for content generation and the future of SEO with Jeff Coyle from MarketMuse.


Frase is an SEO and AI content writing tool. Its intelligent editor and brief builder helps you build better, SEO-friendly content.

Read this Frase review to learn more about its capabilities.


Outranking will help you to quickly create high quality content. The SEO feature is highly effective and helps you to track your content performance against the competition.


SEMRush hardly needs an introduction. But few people are aware of the SEO Content Template, which provides recommendations regarding a keyword, content length, semantic keywords, potential backlinks, and more. The SEO Writing Assistant shows how well text complies with SEMRush SEO recommendations.

To find out more about SEMRush, read this SEMRush review and tutorial.

Shortly AI

ShortlyAI is great at creating short or long-form content within seconds. You have control over the output length and an extensive set of commands to use during the editing process.

Find out here if Shortly AI is the best AI writing assistant on the market.


Use Rytr for anything from outlining and writing complete articles and blog posts to story plots and YouTube descriptions. Rytr’s strong suit is copywriting.

This Rytr review will help you decide if it is the best content generator for you.

I hope you now have enough information to make the best choice when it comes to writing AI-powered SEO-friendly content!

Start your free seven-day Scalenut trial here

That concludes the article: Scalenut Review: One of The Best New AI-Powered Writers?
I hope this article has provided you with valuable knowledge. If you find it useful, feel free to leave a comment and recommend our website!
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