Copysmith Review: We Tested It To See If It’s Any Good At Creating Longform Content

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, creating engaging and high-quality longform content has become essential for businesses and content creators. However, the process of crafting lengthy articles or blog posts can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s where Copysmith comes into play. Copysmith is an AI-powered writing tool that claims to simplify the process of generating longform content. In this review, we will delve into the features, performance, and overall effectiveness of Copysmith to determine if it truly lives up to its promises and if it’s a valuable asset for content creators seeking to streamline their content creation process.

Welcome to our Copysmith review. It’s an AI copywriting tool from founder Jasmine Wang who’s been doing some exciting things with AI in content marketing for quite a while.

Copysmith is an AI writing assistant that claims to create high-converting ads, product descriptions, emails, and more – in seconds! Their homepage states that the tool will bring an end to writer’s block and help you explore creative territory quicker than ever.

It can’t generate perfectly accurate long-form posts, but it is better at helping you write a blog post than most other AI tools we have seen. It can rewrite paragraphs, generate blog outlines, enhance your content, help write a press release, and that sort of thing.

We decided to put this AI content generator to the test with a full copysmith ai review. We’ve tested it to see just how the AI technology can hold up.

Is the content actually any good? Can AI content pass for human writers? Let’s find out. Keen to try out for yourself? has a Free Trial that requires no credit card to sign up.

Try Copysmith HERE

What is

According to Linkedin, was founded in 2020 and has 17 employees, primarily located in San Francisco. 

For being around a little over 1 year, traction is looking good. Crunchbase shows the team raised a seed fund of $10 million from a few different investors such as PSG and Harmony Venture Labs.

Who is the tool best for?

Copysmith is best for marketing agencies, freelancers, in-house teams creating marketing content, site owner juggling multiple websites, and e-commerce owners that need to generate content quickly. 

It specializes in scaling content faster. Compared to other AI writing tools, Copysmith focuses a bit more on long-form content for blog writers with their unique “Article Writing Assistant” that helps you break down the content and then expand upon it.

It focuses primarily on a few different types of services:

  • Content Rewriter – The content rewriter function makes it all quick and easy.
  • Product Descriptions – Craft beautiful product descriptions worthy of your products with high quality content
  • Content Ideas – Incredible ideas for partnerships, innovations, sponsorships, and more.
  • Blog Ideas – Get great blog ideas in a few clicks. Pair with the Blog Outline or Intro generator, and other blog writing templates!
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They seem to specialize in creating ideas and content on the fly for a first draft situation. The tool is good for solving writer’s block, which we all struggle with from time to time. They also have a few new features such as the “Pitch Yourself” feature which can be a little fun as well. 

How To Use

It is very easy to get started using The platform is very quick, functional, and robust to use for content creation of all sorts.

Not only that, but they’re also reasonably priced. It’s $19/ month when billed monthly, or $16/month when billed annually. Their YouTube Channel has a lot of well-produced tutorials that can take you step-by-step through creating each type of corresponding copy that you need.

Here’s a look at the some great Copysmith features.

Let’s say I wanted to create a blog intro paragraph copy. 

After clicking on “new file” within the portal you are presented with a screen to begin your copywriting task.

It’s fairly simple, but a little bit confusing the first couple of times. You’ll just need to type in the name of the file this is primarily to keep things organized. If you want to assign it to a folder or project you can do that as well. Then you’ll choose the type of content you want to create and click “Generate”

Next, you’ll seed CopySmith with the content you want it to generate. For this example, I choose to have it write a blog intro for a blog on “Best On Page SEO Tips”, in a “Professional” tone.

Here are the results that it generated for the blog post.

The results were generated in probably less than 5 seconds. But I’ve seen this process take up to 30 seconds (probably during high volume times). Copysmith provided 10 total blog post intros to choose from. 

The results are pretty solid. While SEO is a highly written about topic, the AI tool was smart enough to recognize the difference between on-page and off-page SEO. The professional tone also was clearly shown. 

Next, I tested out the ‘creating the full blog post’ feature. Similar to the last example I started by creating the file and seeding the content. 

Now, this is one of the longer-form blog post content pieces that I’ve generated with AI. It generated a total of 1339 words in less than 20 seconds – faster than most content writers ;). 

But when it comes to quality, I’m on the fence.Is it good? No, not really.I wouldn’t say it’s a good piece of content, but some pieces do make sense, and would greatly speed up my writing process. It doesn’t sound all that natural, but it was written by a robot. In order to use this content, it would need some significant editing and formatting. However, Copysmith has been able to generate long-form content better than any other tools I’ve seen. 

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Grammar and Spelling

A lot of effort has gone into improving machine learning algorithms to produce more natural-looking high quality content generation. It’s not perfect yet, but it has got a lot better in recent years.

Grammarly is great for recognizing certain grammatical mistakes in your writing and flagging them for further consideration.

To test how good the Ai-generated copy from is, I ran the paragraphs through Grammarly. Surprisingly it did pretty well, scoring an 84% overall rating.

These are the writing issues that came back.

While there were a handful of correctness errors that needed to be fixed with punctuation errors and formating, what I noticed the most was the readability score. Depending on your audience this text would probably be pretty difficult to read.  

Grammarly itself isn’t the best judge of content quality, but if you’re familiar with the tool then you’ll know this generally means the content in this writing needs some work. It may just need a few changes to put it into your voice or to adapt it to your preferred style of writing.


When it comes to plagiarism with the AI copy generated by, Grammarly detected 3% plagiarism.

This is typically about right, especially if you’re used to checking longer blog posts for plagiarism. I find these usually come back with a 1 or 2% plagiarism rate (which is usually from totally unrelated content).

Copysmith Review: Accuracy

When it comes to AI-generated text, accuracy and truthfulness can be big issues.

For example, if you are writing a blog post about survival knives, but the content comes back with kitchen knives, the reader is bound to be confused. 

Or there’s the example in the screenshot above. I asked the tool to create a blog intro for the topic “Can Humans Eat a Gallon of Ice Cream Everyday?”  You can see that it has come up with some unique responses. While I can’t think of any reason why it would be a good diet to eat a gallon of ice cream each day, and while I would love to eat a pint of ice cream every day, I get sick even thinking of eating a gallon of ice cream in one sitting. Copysmith has a few very different conclusions.

In one outline the takeaway is ‘ice cream is a component of their everyday diet’. While in another the conclusion is ”Eating ice cream every day is not a healthy habit. Ice cream is a treat that’s high in calories and fat.’. The question is, which is true? Which is accurate?

You would need to go and actually do some further research of primary sources to find out if you can really eat a gallon of ice cream daily.

Overall Copysmith did provide enough examples that it was able to give you a good range of ideas with good copy. But you would still need to fact-check. It all seemed broad, well written, and relevant – for the most part.

Key Copysmith Features

Copysmith features and benefits are pretty great especially for its price:

  • Copysmith offers one platform that enables users to manage all your copy and content production needs
  • Brainstorm endless content using Ad Ideas, Content Ideas, and other brainstorming templates for your blog post
  • Beat your customers to their questions with the FAQ Ideas template
  • A Chrome extension available on the Chrome web store for even more convenience
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All-in-all my first impressions and experience with are that it can be a useful and helpful tool for the right person.

As I mentioned previously, the tool is quick, functional, and robust. It allows you to instantly write Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn, and more.

As with any AI writing assistant, the truthfulness and accuracy will need to be checked with certain topics – especially those relating to the health and well-being of people and animals. However, for the most part, it’s OK.

And just like other AI copywriting tools, the outputs are pretty impressive for how early the technology is, and I can only expect it to get better in the next few years (check out our article on ChatGPT for copywriting). When creating short-form content Copysmith is a great option, especially at its price point. For longer-form content, Copysmith is ahead of the other competitors, but by no means will you receive a perfectly generated blog post on your first try. 

Used in tandem with content optimization tools and the likes of Grammarly, I wouldn’t rule it out. Try the Free Trial to test it out for yourself.

Copysmith Review: Pricing

Pricing options starts at $19/ month when billed monthly or $16/month when billed with an annual subscription.

And Copysmith offers a free 3 day trial with unlimited credits and no credit card required. This should give you plenty of opportunities to evaluate the tool. The starter plan that runs under $20/month does limit you to 50 credits per month or 20 plagiarism credits. Alternatives

If you don’t think is right for you, there are plenty of alternative AI copywriting services available.

Other AI ad copy and AI copywriting software:

  • Jasper AI Review (Best option for social and long-form content)
  • ShortlyAI
  • Rytr (Can help you fill out a fairly decent blog post)

All tools are priced relatively closely with similar features, and also can also be tested with free trials.

We’re just beginning to see what these AI-content tools can do, and I expect them to get a lot better in the near future. Who knows where this will take online business and blogging? But I don’t expect content writers and agencies to be out of a job anytime soon. [button url=””]Start a Free Trial of Here[/button]

That concludes the article: Copysmith Review: We Tested It To See If It’s Any Good At Creating Longform Content
I hope this article has provided you with valuable knowledge. If you find it useful, feel free to leave a comment and recommend our website!
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