Copy AI Review: Is It Really As Great As People Say?

In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has witnessed remarkable advancements, with one particular application capturing the attention of both professionals and enthusiasts alike: Copy AI. This revolutionary technology promises to revolutionize the way we write, offering a powerful tool that can generate content with minimal human intervention. With claims of increased productivity, improved creativity, and enhanced efficiency, it is no wonder that Copy AI has garnered widespread praise. However, as with any new technological advancement, skepticism and questions arise. In this review, we will delve into the world of Copy AI to determine whether it truly lives up to the hype and if it is as great as people say.

CopyAI is an AI writing tool that claims to save you time and increase conversion rates. So, in this Copy AI review, we’ll see if it really does bring an end to writer’s block and generate great marketing copy in seconds.

It won’t exactly produce long form content in seconds or generate entire blog posts in one click, but it can help with creating content like blog titles, outlines, points to paragraphs, blog intros and outros, meta descriptions, and that sort of thing with just a few clicks.

We decided to put this AI content generator to the test with a full CopyAI review. We’ve tested it to see just how the AI technology can hold up. And to see whether it can create copy better than human creativity.

Is the AI writer any good? Can AI content pass for human writers? Let’s find out.

Copy.AI Review: Overview is an ai writer that according to Linkedin, was founded in 2020 and has 16 employees, primarily located in the United States.

For being around a little over a year, traction is looking good. Crunchbase shows the team raised a seed fund of $2.9 million from a few different investors such as Adam Morley and Sequoia Capital.

Copy AI Review TL;DR

All-in-all my first impressions and experience with are that it can be a useful and helpful AI tool for the right person.

It can be a way to motivate yourself to finish some content writing even if you’re not feeling too creative.

Or if you need to output a lot of shorter pieces of content quickly.

The truthfulness and accuracy will need to be checked with certain topics – especially those relating to the health and well-being of people and animals. So it should be used more as an ai writing assistant during the content creation process, and for this way it can be quite powerful.

I found that the ai writer can be better for general topics over more specific topics, but I think with more use I could learn to use it more effectively. For example, it generated what amounted to nonsense on a specific product, but when generating content writing on the product category it was far better.

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At this stage, it’s probably not for the person who wants the best long form content. If you’re just needing something to chuck up in a product description or as a social post, and you’re not too worried about quality, then it’s all good. But as for creating really good content, I don’t think it’s there yet.

Neither are any other ai copywriting tools out there though. It’s great for getting started with a blog post, but don’t expect the AI writer to write quality content without any issues.

Used in tandem with content optimization tools and the likes of Grammarly, it can be made better.

It’s definitely worth signing up for the free 7-day trial to test out all the features for yourself.

Who is the tool best for? is best for digital marketers and any online business owner looking to save time and speed up their copywriting and content creation processes. It specializes in generating content for websites (blog posts, meta descriptions, etc.), landing pages, sales letters, social media, and even email marketing.

sales copy generator

It focuses primarily on 5 or 6 different types of services:

  • Product descriptions – great for e-commerce stores
  • Google Ads, Social media ads, and posts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin ads, etc
  • Website copy – blog post ideas, outlines, meta descriptions, etc
  • Sales copy – for use on websites, in emails, etc
  • Email content – for subject lines, use in autoresponder, funnels, or whatever else

They seem to specialize in creating digital ad copy (you may be interested in our list of the best ad copy generator tools) and product descriptions .

It’s awesome how fast it can write copy and content (and don’t miss our comparison of Copy AI vs Jasper AI). But as mentioned, it should be used more as a long form assistant, best to use a paragraph or two at a time. The technology still isn’t at the point where it’ll be able to spit out long form blog posts like an entire 1500 word article in seconds.

However, this certainly can be used as an ai article writer, it’ll just require quite a bit of human editing and fact checking (or you can also check out out our Long Shot AI review for a fact-checking AI writer)!

The tool is not only helpful for content marketers. It also has a ‘fun personal tools’ section where you can create a love letter or birthday card with AI, along with a range of other types of short content.

How To Use

It is very easy to get started using

The platform is very clean and simple and intuitive to use. Not only that, but their YouTube channel has a lot of well-produced video content that can take you step-by-step through creating each type of copy that you need.

Here’s a look at the inside of and how to use a few of the features.

Let’s say I wanted to create a list of blog post ideas to get started.

copy write software

You’ll need to input your product/brand name and then describe the product and tweak it to your brand voice. And while it says ‘product/brand,’ I’ve found putting topics into the inputs works just as well to help create content.

For this example, I’ve decided to write a post on ‘SEO Tools.’ I put the details into to seed the information with a couple of bullet points.

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best copywriting generator

Here are the results that it generated to help brainstorm blog ideas.

Not a bad list. I could actually see myself writing a post based on one of these. review

I can click on the love heart to put it into my saved folder, copy the text to the clipboard, or make more based on the result I like best.

Next, I tested out the ‘Bullet Points to Blog’ feature. And I entered a few writing prompts to get started.

how to use

You can see the results contain a lot more content. guide

It didn’t really create an entire blog post by any means, but for someone with a little writer’s block, it could be a great help. Once the tool has created the content, you can then go in and make it sound a bit more natural and check its accuracy.

The tool seems to be very good at generating ideas and structure for content, as well as producing short-form copy that reads fairly well!

Grammar and Spelling

what is

A lot of effort has gone into improving machine learning algorithms to produce more natural-looking content generation. It’s not perfect yet, but it has got a lot better in recent years.

Grammarly is great for recognizing certain grammatical mistakes in your writing and flagging them for further consideration.

To test how good the Ai-generated copy was I ran the paragraphs through Grammarly. Surprisingly it did pretty well, scoring a 94% overall rating. features

These are the writing issues that came back from a single paragraph. There were some incorrect determiners and punctuation, along with an engagement error (which I usually ignore in Grammarly), and a small issue with clarity.

Grammarly itself isn’t the best judge of content quality, but if you’re familiar with the tool then you’ll know this generally means the content is acceptable. It may just need a few changes to put it into your voice or to adapt it to your preferred style of writing.

Plagiarism reviews

When it comes to plagiarism with the AI copy, Grammarly detected 17% plagiarism.

This seems a bit high, especially if you’re used to checking longer blog posts for plagiarism. I find these usually come back with a 1 or 2% plagiarism rate (which is usually from totally unrelated content). However, because I was testing such a small sample of copy it makes sense.

I ran four more tests from other paragraphs generated by to see if they showed better results. They did with 0% plagiarism on all four tests.


is good

When it comes to AI-generated text, accuracy and truthfulness can be big issues.

For example, if you are writing a blog about survival knives, but the content comes back with kitchen knives, the reader is bound to be confused.

Or with the example in the screenshot above. I asked the tool to create a blog outline for the blog title ‘can dogs eat snails?’. You can see that it has come up with different outlines that come to very different conclusions.

Keep a Close Eye on the Details

In one blog outline the takeaway is ‘Yes, dogs can eat snails’. While in another the conclusion is ‘Snails are bad for your dog’s health’. The question is, which is true? Which is accurate?

You would need to go and actually do some further research of primary sources to find out if dogs really can eat snails (in all likelihood the answer is that, yes, they can, but no, don’t make a habit of it).

For the SEO-related article I tested, I was happy with the results. It all seemed relevant, accurate, and true, for the most part.

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Key Features

AI copy generator review also has a handful of other key features and benefits:

  • Chrome Extension – makes it easy to generate copy on the fly in Google Docs and Gmail tools
  • Multiple Languages – for example, you can enter content in English and generate content in Spanish
  • Facebook Group – an active group for advice, support, and talking about relevant content like all things AI content related (including great Facebook ad ideas and more for social media)
  • 24/7 Support – for all pricing tiers
  • Resources and Tutorials – an extensive resource collection for getting the most out of the tool

And as time passes, we can expect to see all the ai copywriting features continuously improve and more added to improve the overall experience of the ai writing tool.

Copy.AI Pricing

Their pricing page shows a flat $35/month when paying annually or $49/month monthly.

And while they don’t offer a free account, there is the free 7-day trial. This does not require a credit card to sign up and is really helpful for getting a feel for the tool. With the free version, you are limited to 100 runs a day though. However, this is more than enough to see if what the ai generates will be good for your business.

A ‘run’ is simply a click on the Create button once you’ve started using the tool. As an example, this means you could create 100 blog post outlines or other marketing content each day during your free trial. And all the templates that you create can keep you busy and help you write long form content for months. Alternatives

If you don’t think is right for you, plenty of alternative AI writing tools available for you.

Other tools for AI ad copy and AI writing software include:

All tools are priced relatively closely with similar features, and also can also be tested with free trials.

We’re just beginning to see what these AI-content tools can do. Their ability to write marketing copy is undoubtedly impressive and I expect their ability to write articles to get a lot better in the nearish future.

For small business owners or those that operate content or ecommerce sites it’s almost certainly a good idea to become acquainted with these kinds of ai copywriting tools.

While they won’t triple your output of blog articles like maybe we all hoped, they will give you a head start on how to properly use these tools when their outputs improve in the long term.

Plus you can still take advantage of ai copywriting in the interim. They do help you quickly write ai created social media posts, product descriptions, and other important short form content.

Who knows where this will take online business and blogging? But I don’t expect content writers and content agencies to be out of a job anytime soon!

That concludes the article: Copy AI Review: Is It Really As Great As People Say?
I hope this article has provided you with valuable knowledge. If you find it useful, feel free to leave a comment and recommend our website!
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