Article Forge vs WordAi: Is One Better Or Should You Use Both?

When it comes to content creation, two popular tools that often come up in discussions are Article Forge and WordAi. Both tools are designed to help users generate unique and high-quality content quickly and efficiently. However, each tool has its own unique features and functionalities, leading many to wonder which one is better or if it’s beneficial to use both together. In this article, we will compare Article Forge and WordAi, exploring their strengths, weaknesses, and compatibility to determine whether one is superior or if using both can provide an even more powerful content creation experience.

WordAi vs Article Forge: we will discuss which writing tool is best and whether you should use one or both.

These two tools have completely different functions and features. They’re not competitors; they’re actually complementary. Using them together may work out to be prohibitively expensive, but they do integrate very well.

We’ll look at both tools, highlight their best features and discuss how they work individually and how using both may benefit you.

What is Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI-powered writing tool. It was developed by Alex Cardinell, Founder and CEO at and Founder at Article Forge. And his company, Cortx, owns both Article Forge and WordAi.

Article Forge Landing Page

Article Forge does not use GPT-3 but uses its own artificial intelligence powered algorithms developed in-house.

Whether using them will be a good thing for your long-term SEO remains to be seen. But they do put forward a persuasive argument for not using GPT-3, and its teams of Machine Learning Engineers and Linguists constantly work on improving the quality of their AI software. Using the same technologies that businesses like Google use to read material, Article Forge was designed to offer original, high-quality SEO content that ranks.

The AI writing assistant is already in its 4th iteration, and it’s definitely getting better.

Read this full Article Forge review to find out if it is worth the money.

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What is WordAi

WordAi is a cloud-based, AI-powered application that automatically spins text by rewriting complete sentences and paragraphs to produce new, original content. The text-rewriter tool uses advanced machine-learning models to rewrite.

WordAi Landing Page

WordAi also optimizes for readability, uniqueness, and consistency and maintains the original’s overall meaning. It’s quick and simple to use, with several options and settings available.

WordAi boasts that the tool ‘understands’ the context of what’s written and produces intelligently spun SEO content.

We have a complete WordAi review if you’d like to learn more!

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Article Forge Features

You can control the performance of the AI-powered article builder by using the settings in your Article Forge dashboard. These include length, topic, headings, and subheadings. Below are some key features.

Article Forge Create a New Article window

Article Creator

Using the article creator is simple: you just need to select the main keyword and several sub-keywords. The latter helps the AI ​​understand your intent and fine-tune the writing.

The program generates several keyword suggestions for you to enter in the correct syntax for better results. Hit the “create new article button” and let it do some of the work for you. The AI creates SEO content (that’s what it claims) with continuity between paragraphs and naturally flowing ideas.

The writing style of the program is also quite organic, and it does generate high-quality content – sometimes. The results are far from perfect, but we’ll discuss that later.

Bulk Article Creator

The bulk editor allows you to create multiple articles simultaneously. Enter all your keywords into the bulk AI article generator, and new text about each is automatically created.

Bulk Article Creator

Also, include sub-keywords to give the Ai writer more ideas about what it should include in the content creation process. Add them on the same line as your main keyword, and separate each term with a comma.

Things to keep in mind:

  • It allows for up to 5 sub-keywords per piece and no sub-keywords longer than ten words. 
  • Should you customize the settings, they will apply to all the keywords entered.
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Go to the “My Articles” page to find your new work.

Finally, the option of spinning with WordAI is also useful if you want to create a massive amount of content focused on the same keywords without duplications. You can use text generated by Article Forge and then create several new versions with WordAI.

Keyword Interlinking

Set the Article Forge content writer to automatically associate URLs with keywords of your choice within the content generation process.

They don’t have to be the same as the ones you’ve chosen to create your work, but if they are, they’ll likely show up.

When planning something to write about, choose whether to associate a URL with every instance of a keyword or just the first one. Plus, decide whether to include a link in the title.

Additionally, you can choose to replace the URL with a placeholder.

Post Scheduler

Post Scheduler allows you to connect your WordPress blog post to come directly from Article Forge. And also set up an automated posting schedule for your WordPress blogs.

This is how it works:

Connect your WordPress blogs to Article Forge. Once you have connected your blogs, all that is required is to set up your Post Scheduler.

  1. Add the keywords or sub-keywords you wish the writing assistant to write about.
    • The AI will still produce new content whenever you enter a single keyword/sub keywords combination.
    • It can select multiple combinations of keywords/sub-keywords from you. But it will pick the right combination every time. And it won’t pick any combination more than once.
  2. Choose when you want to post.
    • Options to publish up to 24 daily for each Post Scheduler configuration.
    • The time for each to be posted daily is selected randomly.

Just a quick note here, the Post Scheduler is a huge time saver because you don’t have to export content manually.

Article Forge integrations

Article Forge Integrations

Choose from several integrations, including WordPress post scheduling, an image generator, and others. There is also a media pack available for purchase for promoting your site. SEO integrations include SEO Autopilot, Cyber SEO, RankerX, and GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Article Forge doesn’t include native content rewriter software. However, it directly integrates with WordAI – another piece of automated writing software. For the connection to be possible, you will need a WordAI account and a unique API Key.

WordAI creates up to ten versions of every piece you generate with the AI writer after it has been activated. This will allow you to increase your output quite considerably.

Multi-Language Support

You’ll find a translation option that allows you to generate content in seven different languages. This feature is for you if you want to make your website an international platform.

Most businesses compete for English-speaking audiences. So there may be less competition on search engines if you are open to other languages.

WordAi Auto Spinner Features

Complete sentence restructuring: WordAi interprets each sentence’s meaning using artificial intelligence and then rewrites it from scratch, optimizing the sentence for uniqueness and usability. WordAi can completely rewrite sentences while keeping their overall meaning.

  • Enriched Text: The AI technology can identify and add LSI keywords to each result as it “understands” your content. It can then create new and unique content that may rank higher in any search engine for additional keywords. 
  • The tool allows you to easily create various versions to present the same ideas. It will also prevent duplicate content and give you more options. Thus allowing you to describe the same ideas in different ways. 
  • Quality Improvement: The article spinner analyses and corrects spelling and grammar mistakes in your text through the Perfect Tense integration. It can also replace words that don’t fit with synonyms, so you get rephrased text resulting in a unique article in seconds.
  • Enhance Clarity: The tool can convert verbose content into a clear, high-quality article to help communicate your ideas more effectively.
  • Split sentences: WordAi can take longer sentences and split them into several clear and concise sentences. 
WordAi Spintax feature


Spintax lets you see all variations of the ai content that has been rewritten. But this feature is only available if you choose more than one rewrite. Let’s see how it works.

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After WordAi creates multiple versions, you will see buttons marked { } 1. 2. 3 below each.

Spintax window where you can see all variations

This will open a Spintax window where you’ll see all variations of the rewritten sentences.
Spintax makes choosing the best fit for your topic much easier. It’s a very useful feature.

WordAi Spintax function - Shows generated content on one page for comparisons.

Bulk Rewrite

Bulk Rewrite allows for the same rewriting but in bulk. WordAi’s bulk import feature will allow you to rewrite in batches. The instructions on how to do it are clearly laid out and very easy.

WordAi Bulk Rewrite feature - Upload a Bulk File Section

Use the bulk import features to add your articles in batches. You can upload a .csv or .zip file with your articles.

For example:

1 Name 1
2 Name 2
3 Name 3
4 Name 4

Add your article name in the first column and your text in the second column of your .csv. But don’t add headers to your CSV.

Each row is one piece of writing.
Name: A unique identifier
Article: Text you want WordAi to rewrite.

Or, choose to upload your data as a .zip file. Ensure that all are in .txt format, compress all .txt files into a .zip, and upload.

WordAi Bulk upload files - how to upload a txt zip file.

Saved Articles

The Saved Articles feature allows you to save your work within the system. This feature has the advantage that you’re able to return to it later. This also decreases the number of emails back and forth if you need someone to edit.

Let’s say you have a completed piece. Instead of emailing your editor with the work attached to it, give your login to your editor, and they will be able to edit it using the tool.

WordAi Integration With Third-Party Tools

WordAi also offers an API to integrate WordAi and other services like Article Forge, the popular SEO tool, SEO Content Machine, and many others.

APIs are great for automating processes and creating custom solutions if you are a programmer.

Article Forge vs WordAi: Two AI Writing Tools with Major Differences

The main difference between Article Forge vs WordAi is that Article Forge is an article writer. WordAI is primarily an article rewriter.

If you want new, quality content, Article Forge is best. If you already have something you want to rewrite, then WordAI should be your pick.

Article Forge vs WordAi: Pricing

Since the same company owns Article Forge and WordAi, the pricing and billing models are similar.

Article Forge

Article Forge pricing is nice and simple, and it only offers two plans – Monthly/yearly and the Business Plan.

  • The Monthly Plan costs $27/month or $13/month, paid annually. You get the AI-powered writer, 25k words/month; generate 1,500+ word pieces. With this plan, the content passes Copyscape, and you can automatically post to blogs, do bulk article generation, and have API access.
  • Business Plan – you’ll need to contact the sales team for a quote.

There’s a five-day free trial to test ArticleForge work output and features. A word of caution here. When applying for your free trial, you must supply your credit card details. If you don’t cancel before the trial expires, you will have to pay upfront.

Article Forge Pricing Page


WordAi offers two pricing plans: Monthly/Yearly and Enterprise.

Monthly costs or $57, or $27/month if billed annually. You get all the available features, including the AI-Powered rewriter and Bulk Rewriting.

Enterprise: You’ll need to contact Sales to get a quote.

WordAi Pricing Page

Article Forge vs WordAi: Pros and Cons

Check out the pros and cons before making any decisions.

Article Forge Pros and Cons


  • Content creation is very fast.
  • Generate unlimited content in one go.
  • Generate on a range of topics, including advertising, money, and health.
  • SEO content and high-ranking keywords.
  • You also have the option to add Images, videos, hyperlinks, and change keywords.


  • It is limited to 1500 words per topic. However, they are working on bringing the ai content count up to 4000.
  • Too much research and editing are required for long-form content.
  • To get the free trial, you will need to provide your credit card details.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t produce unique content based only on the title. 
  • Claims to pass Copyscape (a plagiarism checker), but it does not pass Grammarly’s plagiarism checker.

WordAi Pros and Cons


  • WordAi claims it can produce human quality content. However, in reality, the quality can be pretty average.
  • You can’t manually choose from the suggested words, phrases, and sentences.
  • While it is user-friendly, it can also be confusing. There should be tutorials, and a FAQ section in the Help Center on topics such as rewriting quality levels, API integration, etc. 
  • There is no plugin available for Google Docs and Microsoft Word.
  • This platform seems overpriced, considering the quality of the rewriting and the features offered by WordAi. 
  • Even though the trial version is only for a short time, it will require you to attach a credit card.
Who should use AI

Who Should Use Article Forge

We recommend the Article Forge AI writing tool to individuals looking to generate original content based on specific keywords. These include.

  • Freelancers
  • Any type of content creator
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Marketing Agencies

The writing style is generally quite natural. Plus, it doesn’t scrape content from online databases wholesale, so the output is fairly original.

But like all AI writing assistants, you can’t just “set it and forget” the program. You will need to review the output and do some fairly heavy editing and plagiarism checking.

Who Should Use WordAi

WordAi can be used as an article rewriter by any content writer.

Just be careful here. Spinning can harm your SEO, and if you post copied content, you might get a nasty Google penalty for doing so.

Is spinning legal? It’s legal as long as the original content is yours and you’re rewriting it to create new versions.

It’s a bit more difficult if you’re trying to spin someone else’s material. If the content you produce is totally different, then there are no grounds for copyright infringement. Copyscape scans will not reveal copied structure, reasoning, or any other aspects.

Final Thoughts: Article Forge vs WordAi

Article Forge is a content generator that can create concise and focused articles. But the ai content generated is highly inconsistent.

At first glance, it’s not bad, and then the magnitude of the editing ahead hits you. You’ll get some really good content you can use almost as-is and some unusable text. For example, I asked it to write about itself, and halfway through I discovered it was writing about Jasper ai (which is, by the way, a very good Article Forge alternative). While the tool is super easy to use, issues with the output, out-of-context information, and sometimes missing keywords can be annoying and time-consuming to fix.

Having said that, the new version 4.0 is much better than its first three versions. Its output is better focused and requires fewer revisions. It’s worth trying out, but like most AI writers, it can’t replace a human writer.

Want to know more about an AI content generator? Read our article, which explains when to use each tool.

I found the spun content from WordAi to be rather dodgy. The new text often changes the meaning of the piece or puts words in strange places.

However, WordAi has some great features. That is undisputed. But it can be very expensive for casual users. It’s worth the investment if you have money and require bulk rewrites.

Neither tool is better than the other because they offer different functions. But yes, they do work effectively together.

To conclude Article Forge vs WordAi, I think it is more useful to subscribe to Article Forge. For me, WordAI is more like an optional extra. Even if you can generate multiple versions with a degree of originality, its creations are derivations of an original text. It’s better to use Article Forge if you want to generate new content on a massive scale.

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That concludes the article: Article Forge vs WordAi: Is One Better Or Should You Use Both?
I hope this article has provided you with valuable knowledge. If you find it useful, feel free to leave a comment and recommend our website!
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