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When a silly suggestion about Dil Se angered Mani Ratnam: ‘How can Shah Rukh Khan hug Manisha Koirala and imagine Malaika Arora?’- Newslength

Dil Se stays Shah Rukh Khan’s first and solely movie with director Mani Ratnam, and whereas the movie is taken into account a cult traditional in the present day, producers on the time had been scared that its tragic ending won’t sit nicely with the viewers. Dil Se’s greatest spotlight on the time was its dance quantity ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ and because it appeared within the first half-hour of the movie, producers and distributors had been apprehensive that the viewers would possibly go away the theatre after watching the track, thereby affecting the snack gross sales of the cinemas. So, they got here up with the thought of enjoying the track on the finish of the film as nicely.

Director Ram Gopal Varma, who was one of many producers of the movie, shared with Bollywood Hungama that co-producer Bharat Shah prompt that after SRK and Manisha Koirala die in one another’s arms, they may play ‘Chaiyaa Chaiyaa’ once more, however this suggestion made Mani Ratnam livid. RGV recalled that quick suggestions concerning the movie was “very negative.”

“The exhibitors felt that killing Shah Rukh Khan was a mistake. They told us that due to the tragic ending, the viewers are giving the film thumbs down. We were all panicking,” he mentioned.

The director continued, “Bharat Shah told me that ‘Bahut gadbad ho gaya hai (We have made a huge mistake). There’s one way of saving the situation’. According to him, the moment Shah Rukh and Manisha Koirala hug each other, we’ll cut the part where the bomb goes off. And we’ll add the ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ song. He reasoned that it’s the most liked song of the film and the audience would get happy on seeing it twice.”

As RGV and Mani Ratnam had been associates, he referred to as the director to tell him concerning the state of affairs however the replace angered the filmmaker. He mentioned, “Mani got very angry with the suggestion. He asked me a valid question, ‘How can Shah Rukh Khan hug Manisha Koirala and imagine Malaika Arora?’”

When Varma advised Shah about Mani Ratnam’s issues, he dismissed them by saying, “Toh yeh sab pehle sochna chahiye tha na. Aur usko bolo ki audience itna nahi sochegi. Unko do baar gaana dekhne ko mila hai toh voh log khush ho jayenge. (You should have thought about this before. Tell him that the audience won’t think much. They will get to see the song twice and will be happy about it).”

These had been the times when bodily prints needed to be shipped to theatres, and for the reason that movie was already in launch, the enhancing needed to be achieved by native theatre homeowners and distributors who had been dealing with the on-ground launch of the movie. RGV concluded, “I don’t know if the theatres went ahead and did it. But in those days, they used to do that a lot.”

‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ was a rage again within the day, and remains to be thought-about one of many greatest hits of Shah Rukh Khan, Malaika Arora and music director AR Rahman’s profession.



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