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Shivraj Chouhan Warns Villagers As Damaged Dam In Dhar Is Emptied

The Chief Minister is monitoring the progress from the Situation Room in Bhopal


Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has sounded warning for 18 villages in Dhar as waters from a nearby damaged dam are being released. Two bypass channels have been built for the outflow. The dam will be repaired once it is emptied.

Water from the Karam dam has started rushing out of the two bypass channels created after sustained efforts of 48 hours. The bypass channels are releasing the water in a controlled manner. A major portion of water has already been emptied.

The excess water that was putting pressure on the damaged dam is being channelled towards the river Narmada in adjoining Khargone district. All 18 villages adjoining the dam have been put on alert.

Monitoring the progress from the Situation Room in Bhopal, Chief Minster Shivraj Singh Chouhan appealed to the villagers not to risk their lives by returning to their villages.

“Just be safe along with your livestock where you’ve been shifted for safety,” he said in a video message.

Most of the 100 families living in Bhandakho village – located near the dam at a higher altitude — have left their houses and climbed a hillock along with their livestock.

“The force of water is going to increase only, owing to which I appeal to residents of all the affected villages of Dhar and Khargone district, not to return to their villages,” the Chief Minister said.

Mr Chouhan has also briefed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah.

“We don’t have any option, but to stay on top of the hillock, without proper food and shelter arrangements. We’re worried about our standing maize and cotton crop, which would be swept away, if the dam collapses,” Mahesh and Pratap, two tribal villagers, told NDTV on Sunday.

The dam, under construction for the last four years at a cost of Rs Rs 304 crore, is expected to help irrigation across 10,500 hectares of land in 52 districts.

On Thursday, cracks and water seepage were spotted in the dam, after which engineering personnel from the irrigation and water resources department were pressed into action.

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