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Meghana Raj Sarja opens up in regards to the thought of getting married once more: ‘I am just thinking about…’- Newslength

Actor Meghana Raj Sarja has been making an attempt to reside her life together with her head held excessive however that doesn’t imply that everybody round her has been wholly supportive about her life selections. Meghana was married to Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja, who died after a cardiac arrest in 2020. Meghana welcomed their son Rayaan later that yr. In a latest chat, Meghana spoke about what number of round her have been asking her to get married once more.

She instructed Bollywood Bubble, “I think our society’s mindset is such that there is one bunch of people who are advising me to get married. There is one bunch of people who are telling me ‘I think you should just be happy with your son’. So who do I listen to?” Meghana added that she has chosen to hearken to herself amid all of the noise.

The actor stated that she has not requested herself the query as to what she desires to do but. “I haven’t asked myself that question yet. I’ve always said that one thing Chiru has left behind is the way one should live – in the moment. So I am not going to think about what’s going to happen tomorrow. Or how my life is going to be after a couple of days? No. I am just thinking about now,” she stated.

Meghana Raj Sarja, in the identical chat, additionally spoke about how she offers with social media trolls. Reacting to a nasty touch upon one in every of her photographs, she stated, “I was like I don’t have to prove it to you brother. I really don’t have to prove it to you whether I remember him or I think of him. It’s completely up to me.”



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