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Jahnvi Kapoor, not Ananya Panday was the primary alternative reverse Vijay Deverakonda: Liger director Puri Jagannadh- Newslength

Liger director Puri Jagannadh has shared that his first alternative for Liger, reverse Vijay Deverakonda was Janhvi Kapoor and since she didn’t have dates, Karan Johar instructed Ananya Panday’s identify. Whereas speaking to media in Mumbai on Tuesday, the filmmaker shared, “I am a big fan of Sridevi ji, so I wanted to cast Jhanvi (Kapoor), but her dates were not available.”

When the filmmaker went to Karan and informed him about Janhvi not being out there, he instructed Ananya be part of the movie as an alternative. The director mentioned, “After listening to the story, he (Karan) suggested Ananya Pandey.”

On why he determined to collaborate with Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions for his first pan-India mission, he mentioned, “He is the king. Basically, I love Karan a lot. When Karan saw Vijay’s Arjun Reddy, he had really liked him. Karan had said that if Vijay comes across any good script, he should bring it to him. So, when I narrated Liger’s story to Vijay, he told me that we should take it Karan. So we came here (to Mumbai) and then the collaboration happened.”

There have been additionally rumours that the filmmaker had approached Janhvi for Vijay’s subsequent movie, Jana Gana Mana (JGM), a army motion movie. On this he mentioned, “Yes, we had, but she didn’t have dates. But I definitely want to work with her.”

Jagannadg calls his expertise of directing Ananya “amazing”. He mentioned, “She is a firebrand, very active and she is good in confrontational scenes with the hero. We’ve been working on this film for the last two, two and a half years, she has changed a lot. Every three to four months I see a different Ananya. Last song I shot with her, she is perfect now.”

On being requested if he’s frightened with the type of hate star children obtain on-line, and if it’d have an effect on his movie as a result of he forged Ananya Pandey, he shrugged it off as “general jealousy” and acknowledged {that a} good movie will obtain the like it deserves.

He mentioned, “This is a general jealousy. We all pray to God to make us wealthy and rich, earn thousands of crores, and if you are blessed by god then your kids will become nepo kids only. Why feel jealous about nepo kids? We’ll also become rich and our kids will become rich (laughs).”

The director additionally shared that the movie’s working title was Fighter, however because it was unavailable, he got here up with Liger. On being requested why they determined to make use of “crossbreed hai saalaa” repeatedly within the movie’s trailer, he mentioned, “It is a masala item actually, the father is also a fighter in the film, and the mother is like a tiger, a rebel, hence we put it as a punch line.”

Liger, additionally starring Ramya Krishnan, Ronit Roy and Mike Tyson is scheduled to launch in theatres on August 25, in Telugu and Hindi.



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