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IND vs ZIM 1st ODI: Dhawan reacts hilariously to reporter’s accent, WATCH- Newslength

Group India opener and vice-captain Shikhar Dhawan was in a jovial temper forward of the primary ODI towards Zimbabwe in Harare on Thursday (August 18). Dhawan, who was going to steer Group India initially, will probably be deputy to KL Rahul for this sequence.

Throughout a press meet on Tuesday (August 16), a journalist requested him a query and as he couldn’t perceive the accent – he reacted. Dhawan politely admitted that he couldn’t perceive the ‘accent’ of the reporter and requested him to repeat the query.

“Shikhar, how difficult is it to play a team like Zimbabwe at this moment… who have been struggling for a long period. They haven’t even played much against the Indian team. Do you expect to beat a team like Zimbabwe,” the reporter requested. To which Dhawan replied: “Ah, I didn’t get it. Can you repeat? I couldn’t understand your accent, sir”. The remark lightened up the environment within the press convention as everybody burst out in a little bit of a laughter.

Right here is the video of Shikhar Dhawan’s reply which is now going viral on social media…

Dhawan ultimately responded to the reporter after he repeated the query. “I feel it is very good for world cricket that we are playing against Zimbabwe. It is good for us, it is good for them to play against such a quality side. It will give them confidence and it is good for our youngsters. We have got young boys and we can try out all the young guns. Coming and playing in different conditions is always a challenge and trying to win this series will be no different. This series is a good exposure for both sides and that is how even Zimbabwe are going to get better. That is how they are going to learn,” Dhawan mentioned.

Requested about how the method of children was totally different from him, Dhawan was stuffed with reward for them. “They’re quite confident and everyone is different. They’ve got good technique,” the Group India opener mentioned.

“The transition for the Indian team has been great because of domestic cricket and the IPL. Their confidence level is quite high and that`s why they blend in international cricket so well,” he added.



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